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November, 2016
We are in the process of updating our website to reflect our recent developments with mobile app and game development.

MediaBreeze is a web and video game development company located in the United States. In 2010, MediaBreeze launched MediaBreeze U, one of the world's first online schools dedicated to socially conscious media production. Currently our lead developer, Nmuta Jones, is working in conjunction with Galvanize, Inc. to build software engineering classes to help provide life changing opportunities for adults of all ages who want to learn how to code.

At MediaBreeze, we believe that modern media (video games, animation, and real-time 3D applications) can be entertaining and engaging while still encouraging the development of social consciousness. One of our legacy games, KNOW THYSELF -- RELOADED is a socially progressive 3D PC game about a young boy (Heru) struggling to survive and plant his own crops in the midst of a hostile home environment in his native land of Kamit. (Ancient Egypt). Purchase KNOW THYSELF for yourself or someone you know, and you will be supporting future endeavors aimed at spreading positive media through the world. You can watch YOUTUBE clips of the KNOW THYSELF project here. Know Thyself is also on Facebook .

We are no longer working on the Know Thyself or Nzinga projects and are now focused exlusively on mobile app development. If you have any questions or would like to start developing a project, please write nmuta@mediabreeze.com