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maat screen shot

Screen shot from Mission Maat, a fully interactive 3D video game for the PC that quizzes students on basic middle school mathematics concepts. We designed this game to help 7th grade students at Lotus Academy prepare for the high school test.

We designed the entire game from start to finish in Macromedia Director 8.5. This required over 20 pages of programming code, model design, animation, textures, and database design for high scores.

html tutorial Screen shot of our HTML ONLINE course, a series of online videos that teach students how to code HTML. This course is currently being developed for Temple University Math Science Upward Bound students. We have narrated the videos, provided real-time video screen sequences of coding procedures, and we have provided test environments where students can immediately practice their skills and quiz themselves on what they have just learned.
maat part 2 screen shot Screen shot from MISSION MAAT LEVEL 2. In this game, Maat has a jeep, and her game is to roll fraction balls into bins. The game quizzes students on adding fractions and mixed numbers.
dividing integers Screen shot from one of four online quizzes on the Lotus website that we built to help middle school students learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide with positive and negative integers. The game has an adjustable timer. The game ends when either the timer runs out, or when the student answers 10 questions. A score is given at the end. This quiz became very popular at Lotus, where students would often compete against each other in the computer lab for the fastest time.

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