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  • 3dsMax 2010 or 2009 (depending on your hardware)
  • Torque 3D
  • Adobe Fireworks and/ or Adobe Photoshop for games
  • Audacity (free sound editing software)


  • How to write and manupulate basic scripts that affect behaviors in the game (light programming)
  • Making basic models to go into the game
  • Making graphics that will end up in the game engine
  • More on an individual basis based on your own skill level

Online video based courses with forum and individual (one on one) instructor support.

HOW TO SIGN UP : Check back soon for a sign up link and pricing information.


Game Design Online







PLEASE READ -- A message from Nmuta Jones
Video game development is an extremely complex field. The average PlayStation or XBOX game you see on the shelf at Best Buy costs anywhere from four to eight million dollars to produce. FOUR TO EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS! Millions of combined man / woman hours go into making one video game.

Because of this, it is impossble for one human being to make a modern, 3d video game from scratch that is even half-way close to looking professional.

Yet there are single people and small teams of people who still make professional games. How is this done ?

Here are your options:

1. Find investors who are willing to invest millions of dollars into your dream. Hire a large team to build your game.

2. LEVERAGE the power of an existing GAME ENGINE that allows you to build a game with much of the architecture already in tact.

Here are MediaBreeze University, we take the second approach, which is the most common appraoch for game design schools.
I have single handedly built a couple of complete video games using TORQUE 3D, which is a world class , professional level engine that is made especially for independent developers.

If you would like to see some of the work I have done with the Torque Game Engine, The YouTube videos on this page shows some examples of KNOW THYSELF RELOADED, my latest product.

I have also been in the education field for over a decade. I helped to co-found a technology charter high school in Philadelphia, PA, where I also taught video game design (in person and online for homework) for four years.

Additionally, I am currently the computer science instructor for the Denver School of Science and Technology in Denver, Colorado, where I teach video game design and the AP Java "A" class.

Below are some video clips of students who have taken my class. These students have built both 2D and 3D games:













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